Your Journey Through a Complete Teacher Training Education

The individual stands at the heart of all our workshops, bringing with them their personal knowledge and experience. Exactly there is where we meet, accompany, and challenge you.

PILATESwiss®  supports you on your journey to complete trainer knowedge. The teacher educationprogram at PILATESwiss®  for Pilates and Yoga is based on a balance between ancient tradition, and newest scientific knowledge and research. Aside from our focus on preventative areas like sports and fitness, we are focused on rehabiliation, and pre and postnatal training.

Our goal is to convey a complete teacher education menu of programs that meet the needs and discerning goals of our participants in a wholeistic and current form.

Experience resulting from collaboration with diverse clinics, for example the Schulthess Clinic in Zurich, or the Lindberg Clinic in Winterthur, or the Gelenk Zentrum Zürich in Balgrist Clinic Zurich provide just some of the background for PILATESwiss®   medically oriented teacher education programs

Pilates or Yoga in the method of PILATESwiss®  
The recruitment of the core powerhouse muscles build the foundation of our daily movement patterns. The core idea and training goal of Pilates or Yoga is that each exercise is done with utmost precision and mindfullness.
Breathing is the constant acomplanist to these goals. The breath as starting point of each movement and exercise pattern is the basis to our teaching meathod. Our focus on the core gives it strength and stability. At the same time the spine is brought into proper length, while each joint is mobilised, they are simultaneously strengthened. The dynamic stability of the spine and whole skelletal system is resultingly more free in it’s movement efficiency. This is estential goal is vital to prevention of one sided or repetitive movement injuries and their rehabilitation.
Our challenge is to present this qualified knowledge to you in combination with newest scientific research

Code of Ethics
PILATESwiss® is commited to the satisfaction of our clients. For this we give our word. We endevour to work with and for our clients under the following ethical guidelines:
The respect for autonomy of our clients is our utmost goal.
We adhear to principles of non-maleficence with utmost beneficence and justice toward our clients in our every action.
It is our goal to offer programs of highest quality and to constantly upgrade these programs. We deliver what we promise in our advertising, consulting and products themselves. We protect the privacy of our clients. We considder our programs a tool for the maintenance of health and wellbeing. Our programs motivate to reflect on the personal health and lifestyle of our clients.
We respect the the limits and abilities of our clients as well as our own.
We base our knowledge and actions on scientific research.