Pilates and Yoga Teacher Education

PILATESwiss® Method is the highest quality rehabilitative and preventative Pilates and Yoga teacher-training.

Our board of highly qualified educational staff makes the curriculum of PILATESwiss® teacher-training workshops complete, thorough and innovative. The PILATESwiss® Pilates and Yoga method represents the essential tools for your work as a Pilates and Yoga practitioner in both the fitness and the medical sectors.

It is our passion to support you on your journey, and to offer you the ability to achieve your professional best. PILATESwiss® teacher education is an investment in your future.

PILATESwiss® is a recognized brand that is supported by an advisory board of independent experts that examine the quality of PILATESwiss® content on a regular basis. Our long history and experience in teacher education is constantly being up-dated and augmented in relation to current scientific research. We don’t follow fads or trends but offer you content at the highest standard of knowledge.

PILATESwiss® teacher education usually takes place in our beautiful flagship studio in Zurich. The limited number of participants in our workshops provides a relaxed atmosphere in which to concentrate and learn.

How can I start with PILATESwiss® and as of when am I ready to teach?
If you are new to PILATESwiss®, our PILATESwiss® Core Therapeutics day is a prerequisite before taking other workshops in our program. Here we teach PILATESwiss® style of teaching and anatomy.
If you are a Physical Therapist, Wellness Trainer, or Pilates Practitioner from another style of Pilates teaching, you bring important skills with you. In order to use the style of PILATESwiss® Training as an advantage to you, we recommend you to the Test of Knowledge to assess for yourself if you are in command of the required knowledge pertaining to the PILATESwiss® method.

In order to teach successfully, The PILATESwiss® Core Therapeutics day is the basis of success. Experience shows that without attending it, the comprehensive assessment will not be successful. We encourage you to check yourself if you are completely satisfied with your standard of knowledge on which all our workshops are based.

What is special about PILATESwiss® Teacher Education? 
Aside from highly qualified and experienced teacher educators, our method of, and contributions to Pilates and Yoga are our greatest strengths. We orient ourselves towards current scientific research and develop our content in collaboration with physicians, osteopaths, gynecologists and midwives. This approach to quality control is what makes our brand a method of unique standards.

What are the benefits of PILATESwiss® Teacher Training? 
Excellent quality at a fair price is a given at PILATESwiss®. Furthermore you benefit from a wholelistic and experienced system of levels that allow you to focus on the diverse aspects of Pilates and Yoga that are of interest to you. This many faceted teacher education journey enables you choose the building blocks necessary for your professional needs. PILATESwiss® style and approach to Pilates and Yoga practice is a calling card that stands for quality and success. After successful completion of PILATESwiss® teacher education you gain access to our information platforms. PILATESwiss® enables you to be a part of professional education of highest quality in the most agreeable conditions.

Teacher Education Program (Teacher Education workshops are instructed in the German language. However, each of our educational staff is fluent if not native speaker English)

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